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ET302R Dual Channel Wireless Remote Power Unit

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Product Description

Pocket-Sized and 100% Remote Controlled!

Imagine a device that slips into your pocket and is completely controlled by a tiny 4-button remote control for portable, public, and BDSM fun. The ErosTek ET302R dual-channel remote-controlled power unit is the only one of its kind to offer legendary ErosTek routines in a small, easily hidden receiver / transmitter pair.

The power unit is small (3.75" x 2.25" x 1") and easy to take wherever you go. The transmitter is even smaller and looks like a car alarm keyfob more than anything else. Discreet? Very!

You get a 100% remote-controlled e-stim unit, designed exclusively for erotic purposes, by ErosTek, the leader in digital erotic e-stim!

Designed & Manufactured by ErosTek in the USA.

We pioneered remote-controlled erotic e-stim over 10 years ago.

Now we've taken it to the next level with everything learned over the last several years. The ET302R is the best remote controlled erotic e-stim unit you can buy... period!


  • Full Function Remote - Prevents tampering with adjustments for BDSM use

  • 10 Modes - Allows a wide variety of stimulation from erotic to BDSM training

  • Built In Sensitive Microphone - Allows creative audio-based stimulation

  • Lighted Display - Allows easy operation even in low light & exact settings

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Label - Makes for easy reference in daylight or night

  • Up To 100' Maximum Range - Easily covers most play areas

  • Compact Design - The main unit is small enough to be "worn" on the body

  • High Intensity - More intensity than TENS units and most competing products

  • Auto Shut Off - Saves the battery if you forget to turn it off

  • Medical-Grade Bipolar Waveform - Feels better and enhances safety

  • Highly Compatible - Nearly all erotic e-stim accessories plug right in

  • Multiple Remote Codes - Prevents interference with other units

  • High Quality Construction - Start of the art technology for small size and long life

Personal experience with an ET302R

My first experience with the ET302R came awhile back during an extended beta test of one of the first units from ErosTek. The most amazing part, aside from the shear beauty of the 302R's internal circuitry (surface-mount design and ultra high precision robotic assembly) is the way it works. After installing a 9-volt Duracell battery (included) into the battery compartment, I turned the unit on from the front panel.

At this point, I easily became aroused -- wired up with an ECup and ElectroBand under my jeans and went off to San Francisco for the afternoon. Wired for the entire afternoon, I found it easy to get used to the smooth stimulation offered by the tiny box -- and adjusting the intensity and mode was easily (and discreetly) done from the 4-button remote that fits easily in the hand.

Considering its small size, I originally expected a weaker than normal output, especially when compared to my main box (an ET312B). Honestly, this box packs a punch! I was unable to get beyond "45" on the output level (and it goes up to "99"!) and even running it up that high for hours on end did nothing to drain the battery. I was amazed -- I've used TENS units that delivered much less stimulation and kill a battery in no time. ErosTek obviously figured out how to deliver safe-yet-powerful pulses (if that's what you're after) in a small, portable, remote controlled unit. Of course, it does more than just deliver powerful e-stim.

Some of the modes are designed for continuous and pleasurable purposes, and believe me, they are just as delightful as the much larger ET312B or ET232. There are two audio modes as well, which allow you to stim along with the music or other sounds present nearby -- or immobilize your subject by making it impossible for him (her) to move without getting jolted! And three training modes provide a "dog-collar" effect which delivers stimulation only when one of three buttons are pressed on the remote control! The possibilities are (as you see) extensive!

Anyone hoping to take their e-stim "out on the town" or hand the controls to someone else, even across the room will want this unit. And the bright, 2-digit LED display and glow-in-the-dark modes list (on the top of the unit) are visible by day and night.

What You Get:

  • ET302R remote power unit

  • 4-button digital remote transmitter

  • (2) banana plug leadwires

  • Iillustrated user guide

  • 9-volt Duracell alkaline battery

Available Accessories:

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