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SexTek becomes ErosTek



What happened?

— We've made some changes to make shopping easier.

Web traffic directed to SexTek.com is now automatically redirected to our new ErosTek Shop.

In 1997, we registered the domain name SexTek.com and began developing innovative electrostim accessories to sell to dealers and from the website. Our first products included the first-generation of the ElectroCup, the unique FlexProbe and a new adjustable cockring – the ElectroBand or "E-Band."

When we partnerned with and later acquired ErosTek, we saw the need to develop and deploy a more modern e-commerce site that would allow us to add products, show videos and enable new features to make buying faster and easier. This new site runs on its own secure (SSL protected) domain, with room to grow. 

The final step is now complete – Welcome to the new ErosTek Shop!




Effective: Monday, 05 December 2011